Greengro is a company dedicated to producing, packaging, marketing and exporting fresh aromatic herbs and fresh produce products.

Greengro is aware of our society’s concerns and emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment and putting conservation policies and strategies in place. We are conscious of the need to reconcile production and economic development with preserving our surroundings and respecting the Environment. Greengro wishes to be recognized by its clients, employees, and associates as an environmentally respectful organization which is committed to protecting the environment.

In order to address and develop our Environmental Policy, The Greengro promises to:

1. Maintain conservation areas, increase and protect habitats:

  • Extensive farming (open air): these types of conservation areas are ravines, watercourses, in addition to new habitats that grow, and the small amount of flora that is located within and around the growing area.
  • Intensive farming (under plastic): this type of farming conservation areas are smaller. The adjacent strips of land and a watercourse which divides one of the growing areas will be kept clean, respecting the flora already present. When areas with spontaneous vegetation between greenhouses occur, they will be cleared, and replanting will be attempted.
  • Meetings with workers will be held to remind them of the importance of taking care of conservation areas. Farms will be kept clean and free of garbage. Information panels will be posted within farming areas.

2. Procure and efficiently use natural resources, raw materials and energy that are needed to provide our services. Waste generated will be managed responsibly. We will work to reduce waste as well as our consumption of raw materials by using appropriate harvesting methods and correct fertilizer application. Our basic goals will be Reducing contaminants Reusing, and Recycling; to that end we will be vigilant of all our land, water and air emissions.

3. Work to adopt the most advanced techniques in order to optimize our energy and water-use efficiency. The most innovative solutions will be pursued to supply our company’s energy and water needs. Cost studies for the implementation of these systems will be carried out.

4. Meetings and talks are carried out with managers and crop-watering crews in order attain the highest level of involvement regarding the conservation of the environment.

5. Assure at all times, the control and management of all environmental aspects derived from our activities, and apply them to our work methods and procedures, while considering our impact on air, land and water. In the past two years, Greengro has increased its surface area of production, therefore increasing its oxygen emissions while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

6. Study our Carbon footprint for each of our crops, beginning with majority crops, in every production area. This will be carried out over the years to come, one crop per year.

7. Make public all methods employed to minimize adverse environmental effects that are generated by our activity; and contribute to the recuperation and conservation of our natural surroundings; and disseminate our values towards respecting the environment.

8. Integrated pest control trial studies have been carried out as well as studies in other areas in order to better respect the environment in the future.

Environmental conservation and respect policies will always be fulfilled thanks to the collaboration from the Greengro team: Management, Crop Technicians, Salespeople and Farm workers, during the entire campaign. Greengro intends to follow the path towards meeting the proposed environmental objectives and maintaining ones already achieved.

It is necessary to train our personnel to improve their involvement towards work obligations with environmentally friendly criteria; and to encourage our suppliers and collaborators to adopt our Environmental Policy. We will continue to inform our employees, clients, suppliers, and general public of our Environmental Policy and abide by it and strive to keep it up to date.