Greengro produces a range of vegetables and herbs in Kenya, including many lines of year-round baby veg. Our product range is a happy match with our skills in precision farming and delicate processing techniques. Our range of fruits is another great addition to our offering and we are excited to be able to offer such a high-quality product, produced and packed in Kenya.

Founded in 2010, today we are fully vertically integrated and grow almost all our products ourselves on Greengro Farms. Each of our farming operations in Kenya is unique geographically, ensuring year-round supply and a maximum lead time of only 1-3 days from field to flight. We also partner with other farmers who share our food quality values to complement our farm produce. For this, we ensure that all our partners strictly adhere to and meet our quality standards.

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Quality Produce

We understand that product quality is a consumer right and should form part of the ethos of the people that work for our company. Our Quality team works closely with our production team and packhouse team to ensure all of our product are produced and supplied within the highest industry standards.


Sustainable Production

Being a premium fresh produce supplier comes with a special responsibility towards nature and our fellow citizens. Our farms and packhouses participate in the progressive farming for the future initiative that makes up our business journey.



Managing a food supply chain requires all players in the supply chain to adhere to stringent operational practices to ensure the product is fresh and safe for consumption once it reaches the end consumer. At Greengro we utilize an efficient and reliable logistics strategy and supply chain management, we maintain end-to-end cold chain integrity, and guarantee freshness upon arrival.